About Colonic Cleansing

What is colonic cleansing or as it is also known colon lavage therapy?

This is an effective, safe method of cleansing the large intestine of accumulated waste and toxicity.

What will happen in my colonic session?

Your initial and subsequent treatments will take no longer than an hour. Treatment is administered by an experienced therapist who has undertaken extensive study and training in order to qualify as a colon therapist.  Your treatment room will be private, warm with relaxing music and soft lighting.  Our attention to hygiene is unsurpassed using all disposable and TGA approved accessories.2007-11-5-towels

There is a gentle filling and emptying of the colon with warm purified water  (at body temperature) that triggers muscular contraction (peristaltic movement). This stimulates the bowel wall keeping it healthy.  Colonics is a more complete form of an enema as it is designed to cleanse the entire large intestine.

Some clients complain of constipation regardless of how many litres of water they drink. Colonics hydrates the bowel to a level they have not been able to achieve and to remove dehydrated stools.

Massage is performed by our caring experienced therapists.  Your massage therapist will trigger acupressure points to stimulate the colon and help improve the various organs that they correspond to.  Massage also helps increase the peristalsis action. Decreased peristalisis causes problems like flatulence and bloating.

What can Colonic cleansing assist you to improve?

Bowel and digestion function
Toxicity from poor diet, drugs, alcohol, smoking
Enhance the effects of a detox program
Candida .. fungal overgrowth
IBS and leaky gut syndrome
Difficulty losing weight
Lung disorders
Skin problems
Constipation from tightening of the colon muscle resulting in poor peristalsis
Lower back pain
Help restore proper PH to the body
Antibiotic therapy
Bad body odour

stomach-massageHow many colonic sessions might I need?

This will depend on the reason you have decided to come for a colonic treatment in the first place.  It may be that you need an intensive detox treatment and will have a few treatments spaced close together e.g. weekly or fortnightly.  Alternatively you might decide to have a maintenance program and have your treatment at the change of each season (every 3 months).

Supplementation pre and post colonics

Supplements before and after colonics can help improve healing immunity and strength.  This will be discussed by your practitioner during the course of your initial consultation and maintenance visits.

What can you expect to feel after a colonic treatment?north shore colonic cleansing machine

So many clients say how they feel refreshed and clean and somehow just a bit lighter with renewed energy and vitality.  The colon has reflex points and electrical connections that correspond to various organs, glands, senses and systems, colonics can stimulate these reflex points and systems, thereby improving general wellbeing.

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