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Other treatments that may benefit youbeauty with petals

  • Oxygen therapy  – to help skin tone, microbial levels, sleep, mood, mental alertness and stamina
  • Electrical Stimulation therapy – helps strengthen muscles and posture and relief from back pain
  • We also offer the full range of beauty therapy services and remedial massage

Oxygen Therapy – $10
Electrical Stimulation Therapy – $20
Kinesiology Therapy – $80

Oxygen therapy

Price $10 for 15 minutes
Can be applied whilst having a colonic treatment


Oxygen is an element, a gas, and a drug that can help people who have certain lung diseases. The cells in the body get their energy from the interaction of oxygen with food. The energy produced is used to do everything from breathing, to carrying out bodily functions and day to day activities.
For people who do not get enough oxygen naturally, supplements of oxygen can have several benefits. Oxygen therapy can improve their sleep and mood, increase their mental alertness and stamina, and allow their bodies to carry out normal functions.


• Enhances wound healing
• Increases oxygen to the brain and vital organs and sight
• Enhances white blood cell action, aids in the treatment of infection
• Stimulates growth of new blood vessels
• Allows you to do more
• Assist with growth and development
• Help chronic lung conditions
• Heightened concentration, alertness and memory
• Calms and stabilises your nervous system
• Speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion
• Helps remove lactic acid build up in muscles
• Natural remedy for migraines, hangovers, fatigue and stress
• Lessens chronic fatigue symptoms and improves sleep patterns
• Promotes healing and counters aging
• Strengthens the heart

Electrical Stimulation

$20 per 30 minutes


Since the early 1980’s it has been shown that by using a specific range of ultra-low frequency bursts of low voltage and very low current of micro pulses of electrical stimulation the natural pain reducing chemicals are released and an energy balance affect in the body is induced.
The electrical impulses mimic the action potential coming from the CNS causing the muscle to contract and is used for training, recovery and rehabilitation of muscles.


• Enhances wound healing
• Muscle re-education especially in the early phases of rehabilitation
• Increases muscle tone and strength, turns muscles up
• Tones up weakened muscles
• Increases oxygen to poorly vasculated areas
• Increasing oxygen helps reduce inflammation and swelling
• Contracts and strengthens muscles increasing blood flow and oxygen transport
• Increases endorphins – the pain reducing hormones in the body to help relieve pain
• Reduces need for pain medications
• Lowers the pain so the muscle can be used again helping it to strengthen
• Travels through the nervous system and re-educates the brain
• Creation of noradrenaline and serotonin
• Stimulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands
• Relieve joint stiffness
• Increase range of motion
• Increase flexibility and co-ordination
• Used to warm up and warm down muscles for athletes
• Prevention of thrombosis

Kinesiology Therapy

$80 per 45 minutes


The ability to use a muscle as an indicator to read the cellular response to a question, command, statement or memory.


Your therapist will test from the 5 main areas of your body – Physical, mental, emotional, energy and spiritual to find the stresses and corrections.
Your therapist will also help connect you to the correction so the change is real.
Your therapist is using a very refined technique with a scan list of thousands of questions and answers for your body to choose from to give us the outcome it needs to achieve balance.


• Correct deficiencies and nutritional imbalances improving energy, immunity and disease
• Remove persistent mental and emotional blocks
• Help you to achieve your 4 main mental states – happy, calm, peaceful and relaxed
• Lessen the impact of physical and emotional stress bought on by relationship breakdown
• Slow down the aging process – Program for life, deficiency, overuse, microbial, structure
• Helps improve relationships by teaching you how to be chemically connected to your partner
• Uses current symptoms as access points into testing for disease states
• Heal panic attacks and anxiety disorders
• Helps with headaches, back pain, learning difficulties, personality problems

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